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Joint-stock Restructuring and Listing Services
 Due diligence
 Restructuring and listing program planning
 Internal control system design and guidance
 IPO audit and related assurance

Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring and Additional Services
 Program planning and implementation
 Relevant audit assurance

Audit Assurance Business
 Audi of joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, finance, securities, futures and insurance companies
 Audit of annual financial statements of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises
 Audit business in corporate merger, division and liquidation matters
 Audit of corporate economic benefits
 Final settlement audit of income tax
 Audit of various economic responsibilities
 Audit of institutions
 Audit of foreign exchange accounts
 Asset and capital verification
 Audit of financial revenue and expenditure
 Various special audit
 Information system audit

Project Consulting Services
 Corporate economic benefits analysis and evaluation
 Corporate investment project feasibility analysis
 Foreign-funded enterprise investment advisory services
 Advisory services for domestic enterprises entering international markets
 Design and advisory services of corporate restructuring and reorganization plans

Tax Agents and Tax Planning Services
 Tax-related statements audit of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises
 Tax-related audit of corporate account cancellation and account transfer
 Income tax deduction audit
 Audit of corporate cuts, tax exemptions, tax rebates and tax deferment
 Forensic examination of property damage
 audit of corporate loss remedy
 Audit of general VAT taxpayers
 Acting tax registration
 Acting tax returns
 Formulating tax plans for enterprises or individuals
 Assisting enterprises in other tax-related matters

Business Advisory and Agency Services
 Establishment, agency and advisory services of various types of enterprises, companies and offices
 Consulting and agency services of corporate changes in industrial and commercial registration
 Preparation of corporate contracts, regulations and related documents

Management and Accounting Advisory Services
 Corporate development strategy consultancy
 Corporate accounting system and financial management system design
 Assuming enterprises' accounting consultants
 indiscriminate accounts clearing, acting accounting business, business training
 consulting services of capital operation, property restructuring and debt restructuring
 Management recommendations

Judicial Authentication Services

Insolvency Administrator Services

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